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According to the blessing of Bishop Dositej,
We publish the text in Serbian language (at the plea of SST, Mydniheten för stöd till trosssamfund) recorded for Swedish media and intended for Serbian people in Sweden:

God helps our dear parishioners, dear Serbs,
I speak to you on behalf of our bishop Dositej and us parish priests in the Kingdom of Sweden.
I believe you all follow the situation around coronavirus, both in the Fatherland, and here in Sweden. We are all aware that situations around the world are changing, not only from day to day, but hour to hour.
It is therefore very important, necessary, that we all adhere to all laws passed by the Swedish government, both old and new laws. Here I think about the latest law on limited number of attendees at one gathering and which is directly connected to our gathering in the Church or the Liturgy. That number is, for now, 50. And if situations change, God forbid, the Swedish government will be forced to bring other measures, similar to other countries of the world, and which all of us, must respect Adhere to them.
Likewise, the recommendations of Health Organization and doctors are necessary protection in the all-general fight for the health of everyone. I should not mention that life is given to us by God and as such, we are obliged to guard it, as well as the life of everyone who is in our vicinity at that moment. The special accent is on our elderly and those who belong to risk groups, so they don't go out without the obstacle need. That's why the recommendations of ZO and doctors must be taken seriously. And these are primarily: fewer gatherings in these times on one limited i.e. To a smaller place, staying at home when the slightest symptoms, because then we are possibly transmitters, washing our hands for at least 20 seconds with hot water... This is a droplet infestation and as such excludes greeting, hugs and etc. That's what the ZO recommends because the increase in infected would greatly burden hospitals and the grain system.
I said that human life - is a gift of God and we have to keep because that's what the words of Christ are referred to God himself, but also towards our neighbor who every one who entered my life for at least one second or moment.
A large number of us are scared and that is a perfectly normal state of our spirit. We have testimonies that even the apostles were scared and ran away from Christ. Everyone, except one and Peter even gave him up.. But they also came back. And Christ didn't condemn anyone. We shouldn't judge anyone either. Not the brave ones, not the scared, nor the wavering ones. No one. Than when we are in our home, in front of our icon of the Slava, let's pray for everyone: sick, old, healthy, especially for doctors and all the health workers and all the people who help and give selflessly of themselves for others, let's all pray for each other , for our Serbian people, for the whole world, may the Lord preserve us all in these days and give health. Say a prayer for our Bishop and us priests. Everyone for their parish priest. This situation won't last forever either. We lay our hopes in the Lord and as well as those he entrusted to care for the health of our body.
Easter-Holiday over the Holidays is approaching us, the very essence of our faith and the center of our belief. From this perspective it is impossible to answer whether we will be able to cathedral, all together, to celebrate Easter in our temples. It's not up to us. But the Liturgy will be served even if the government restricts meeting to two people. Priest and reinforcement. Two enough and the Liturgy will be served for all of us who cannot be present with the body but in spirit we will certainly be in prayer with our priests on Easter.
In this short time, given to us for addressing, how to find the right word of encouragement, comfort, hope, faith except that most joyful greeting and faith, and hope and love: Christ is resurrected - indeed!